Train to Machu Picchu
Hiram Bingham
Estaci�n de Tren Machu Picchu
Train to Machu Picchu
Ruta a Machu Picchu
Ruta a Machu Picchu
Paisajes Espectaculares en la Ruta Cusco  - Puno
Andean Explorer
Paisajes espectaculares en la ruta Cusco - Puno

Peru Rail Train System to Machu Picchu
 Machu Picchu Train services description of routes and services abord train tickets fares and itineraries from Cusco to Machu Picchu

PeruRail has daily train services since Cusco to Machu Picchu
y and services from Cusco to Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Our service includes the delivery of tickets to the hotel in Cusco where you is staying to save your time and avoid having to pick it up in our Offices.

travel in Peru  Tren Train from Cusco to Machu Picchu

Deluxe train Hiram Bingham Hiram Bingham Train Deluxe
(Itineraries and rates)

The Hiram Bingham will transport passengers on a spectacular journey, through different landscapes, lush fields, colorful villages and a beautiful view of the Andes.
Departing from the station of Poroy, (20 minutes from the center of the city of Cusco) the Hiram Bingham begins its daily journey slowly. Meanwhile, a delicious Brunch is offered and the guides present themselves to explain and clarify all the most important and interesting points of the route, just as the guides do at the ruins of Machu Picchu.
Afternoon tea is served at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, located just a few steps from the old citadel. Once on board the train, again, a pre-lunch and cocktails are served, accompanied by a live show.

peru travel Photo Gallery of Hiram Bingham Luxury Train

Train to Machu Picchu -  Vistadome train

Vistadome train
(Itineraries and rates)

This service to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu offers a spectacular trip in the region of the Andes. The trip starts with a series of 'zig-zags', outside Cusco, before stopping in the town of Poroy. Then the train descends from the highest point in the Sacred Valley and the foothills or ramifications of the Andes. Before the discovery of Machu Picchu, the train traveled along the Urubamba River, with the imposing views of the dramatic canyon. Travelers can choose to travel either on the Vistadome train or on the Backpacker. The spectacular Vistadome wagons have huge windows that give travelers the possibility to have a panoramic view and the opportunity to take excellent photographs.

Train to Machu Picchu - Tren Expedition

Expedition train
(Itineraries and rates)

The Expedition is a service designed for the traveler's comfort, with four passenger seats located in front of each other, so you can share your experience, and for the faithful backpack that is always with you we offer racks placed above the seats. Also, this train has panoramic windows, air conditioning and heating, and Andean music that creates a cheerful atmosphere.
Expedition service departs from two stations: Cuzco (Poroy) and the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Ollantaytambo)
The route Cuzco - Machu Picchu is a three hours journey for those who want to departure directly from Cuzco, being the only alternative in the market, and the Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu route offer multiple schedules and rates choices.
This is a travel experience with all the quality and benefits of Peru rail at a lower cost.


travel in Peru Train from Cusco to Lake Titicaca - Puno
  Andean Explorer
(Itineraries and rates)

This spectacular rail journey begins in the historic city of Cusco and heads south to the beautiful city of Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca.
On the trip the train makes a slight ascent to the highest and coldest points. The first part of the trip is dominated by the magnificent Andes that, like towers over the deep valleys, meanders along the Huatanay River. Then you get to the softer part of the trip, the plains, where vicu�as and alpacas can be seen. If you are traveling aboard the Andean Explorer, the glass walls of the train will give you the opportunity to perfectly observe the beautiful exteriors.
The trip is interrupted by a scenic stop at La Raya, which is also the highest point of the route.


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